BHM 2013 Spotlight: Phillip Williams

This year my BHM experience, was one I will truly never forget. I had the chance to be a liaison for the Black Masculinity in America, Part 2 program. I was so happy to do it because it was a new role of leadership I had never been in before. It was also was important for me to feel like my voice needed to be heard about this topic.

I loved the other programs as well! The Imani Pageant felt like a grander production and College Reunion went swell even though it was under 50 degrees all day :-/. My advice is that students need to partake in these events to let their voices be heard.

My first favorite moment was when the video I made was played during the event I helped to plan and everyone reacted to it. I wanted to get people talking about black masculinity and intersectionality in that way. I wanted people to see some masculine black gay males struggle to essentially be themselves. My second favorite moment was performing at Sankofa Poetry and Open Mic Night. I always wrote poems and songs as a kid, but was always shy. So when I performed My Mommy & Me, Me & Nicki, I got such a warm response that I felt I did a great job. 



Phillip Williams

2013 Black History Month Celebration

Balck Masculinity in America, Pt. 2, BHM Committee Liasion

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